Last updated: May 18th, 2019 07:56 pm

Most of the basic stuff that applies to all my other websites (and there may or may not be many out there; you’ll never know) applies to this one as well:

  • This website can and may only be viewed by people I have specifically cleared for this purpose through rigorous evaluation of their character. All visitors welcome.
  • I hold all the legal rights to all the content on this site. Except for stuff that I obtained by less than legal means.
  • Most of the content on this site contains gratuitous use of foul language, descriptions and depictions of graphic violence and explicit sexual content. Appropriate for all audiences.

Lastly and most importantly, you can’t sue me.

I mean, you can, but what are you going to argue in court, honestly? I have crafted every sentence on this page with utmost care and purposefully in a highly ambiguous manner – with the help of several lawyers, I might add – specifically to cover my ass. So realistically, you have no chance.

You should just give up and go home.

If you are still reading this you are obviously a lawyer or a scholar of law and are therefore aware that everything written above is obviously bullshit. The more observant among you may have even noticed I also accidentally sort of admitted to a crime. If that is the case, use this contact form so we can discuss the terms of settlement.