You should never have come here...

The Inner Sanctum

I thought it widely established that one's benevolence as host hinges upon reciprocal veneration. So why is it, dear traveler, that my hand extended in greeting returns to me draped in lacerations?

You blatantly disregard my guidance and transgress upon my clandestine chambers. Regrettably, I find myself unable to curtail your inconsiderate wandering. Most perturbatory...

Fruitless as it may be, I once again reiterate my previous exhortation: you are forbidden to explore any further. Terrible afflictions await should you be foolish enough not to heed my warning.

Defy me at your own peril.

My name is Tomaž.Tolkien and 40k lore aficionado, TV show connoisseur, Apple enthusiast, and fixer of computers. Referenced1 in several2 doctoral theses. Friendly unless provoked.
1Mentioned in dedication2Two
Also, I'm Batman.
Nice try. I'm untraceable, bitch!
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The true nature of my glorious essence
cannot be so easily distilled.

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