Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!


Greetings, traveler.

You have stumbled upon sacred grounds. How you accomplished this feat I do not know. Yet in your discovery of this place I discern the footsteps of destiny. The forces which brought you here are plainly beyond my authority.

As is customary for such transgressions, your life is considered forfeit. But fret not, for I am a benevolent host. I shall overlook your insolence this time.

You may linger for a while. However, you would do well to suppress your temptation. Do not stray from the paths I laid out above. Dark forces dwell elsewhere.

My name is Tomaž.A Tolkien and 40k aficionado, TV show enthusiast, an Apple cognoscente, and fixer of computers. Referenced1 in several2 doctoral theses. Friendly.
1Mentioned in dedication2Two
Also, I'm Batman!
Nice try. I'm untraceable, bitch!
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The true nature of my glorious essence
cannot be so easily distilled.

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