The Ballad of T-Luv

Last updated: January 14th, 2017 09:07 pm

For a better understanding of the song, here’s some context.

Back in the day, when one of my friends and I still played The Rise of the Witch-king, we were considered two of the best players in our group. When  schedule permitted and at least four people were able to gather we played the game split in two groups with all possible combinations. When my aforementioned friend and I played as a team, we were pretty much unbeatable. We only lost about two or three times out of all the games we played.

My friend went by the nickname Tulkas and I went by the humble nickname Iluvatar. As the more perceptive among you have probably figured out by now, the nickname ‘T-Luv’ is a silly combination of the two.

There was another two-person group of friends we sometimes played against that hardly ever got along. Their mutual attacks or defense were usually quite unorganised and they often blamed each other when they lost.

In honor of a typical battle between the two groups, my friend and I wrote a sonnet…

* * *

Unforeseen the invaders arrived on that night,
swarming the lands with briskness of thunder,
intending to rape, pillage and plunder,
by distinguished commanders led into the fight.

The settlers were scattered across the land,
unwilling to settle the feuds from the past,
unable to stand against armies vast,
under swords of the raiders they met their end.

The natives were crippled, those few who survived,
against the fearless opponents unable to stand,
on the brink of destruction, of armies deprived.

Countless were slaughtered, consumed by the flames,
while opposing armada unhindered advanced,
those few who fled in fear whisper their names.

* * *