Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Rose 3

Part of The Epic Rose Saga
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From: Rose Adams

To: Steve


Hello Dear,
How are you doing? I hope you are fine and in good health. i know is been a long time you have not hear from me, a lot have been going on in my life that is why. i got an information that the courier delivery has handed over the ATM card to the Western Union money transfer office over there in Senegal, the western union have accepted to make the payment to you through Western Union transfer, since you could not receive the ATM Visa Card.

i got this information from the reverend Father, and he said that is the information he got from the courier delivery management, so, the Western Union will transfer the $300,000.00 us dollars to you from the Republic of Senegal, he said he will be traveling to Dubai for health reasons and he might not come back in time.

So, you have to contact the Western Union headquarter in Senegal with the below details to start receiving your funds, they have accepted to make the payment to you now through the western union.

Below is the Western Union Contact Address:

Contact person
Mr. Mark David
Western Union Manager
Telephone +221 70 9709 838

Contact them as soon as you received this message. He said he have given them your information, but you have to re-confirm your details below to them so that they won't be any mistake.

1.Your receiver Name: .....
2. Your country: .....
3.Your phone number: .....
4. Your city: .....
5. Your Occupation: .....
6. Your Age: .....
7. Your ID card or passport copy: .....

Let me know as soon as you receive your funds. You must know that any delay at this time may be dangerous to avoid losing your money.

From: Steve

To: Rose Adams


Dear Ms. Rose,

why must you torment me so?

My hatred for you is by now well known and well documented. Surely you must be heedful of the depths of my despair as I am forced to live with the awareness of your continued existence? I have explained this to you and your associates in painstaking detail in previous letters. Therefore I must wonder: why do you continue to remind me, after all these years, that you yet draw breath?

I am not a young man I once was, miss Rose. Not too long ago I would have gleefully composed linguistically sublime thinly veiled threats against you and devised stunningly poetic ways of ending your entire lineage.

Alas, I write to you from a decaying cottage on the outskirts of a poor village in Malaysia, a victim of my own success, blindsided by a treacherous coup d'etat, bereft of my earthly possessions and freshly reacquainted with the bitter taste of betrayal, a broken man.

What more do you want from me, miss Rose? What will it take for me to be rid of you? What can I do to make this relentless agony end?

Best regards,

The saga continues in this thread.

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