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EXIM Bank of China

From: The Export-Import Bank of China.

To: Yuimmar

Subject: BUSINESS OFFER..01/03/2021.

Dear Sir/Ma,

Dear Sir/Ma,

Compliments of the season,i hope you are in good health.I am a banker with a financial Institution here in china and i am writing to you for an opportunity that will benefit us both immensely.I have discovered an unclaimed inheritance fund and i wish to lay down your name as the next of kin to the amount in question due to the death of the depositor who died years ago along with his family.

However,i assure you that will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law both in your country and here in china once the fund is transferred to your bank account.The funds i am referring to is right here in this bank floating in suspense account,therefore i solicit for your cooperation to be in collaboration with me to have this done. If you are interested in this transaction,I will need you to provide the following information urgently to enable the attorney start the processing of the all the relevant legal documents for the money remittance. all i want you to do for me now is to give me your Name: , Address: , Tel:, Age: , Sex:, Occupation: so that i can give you more details.

I urgently hope to get your response as soon as possible

Yours Sincerely,
From Treasury Department.
The Export-Import Bank of China.

From: Yuimmar

To: The Export-Import Bank of China.

Subject: RE:BUSINESS OFFER..01/03/2021.


we apologize for the tardiness in our reply.

You see, we do not believe in modern technology. Our religion instructs that it is heresy to look upon prose not inscribed upon paper, murals, or clay tablets. It is commanded that we are precluded from reading any words brought into being by a machine more sophisticated than the Gutenberg press lest our soul be permanently defiled. Reprints or transcriptions are therefore required but they take time.

"Why do you have an email address when you claim to not believe in technology," you may ask, hypothetically.

We would advise you immediately cease with inquiries of such nature. It would be most unwise to pry into our personal affairs. Better men have made attempts yet none now live to tell the tale. Hypothetically.

In any case, we accept your dubious proposal. However, we require some assurances.

Tell us more about your… scheme.

Warm regards,
Yuimmar Lhalaryd

From: The Export-Import Bank of China.

To: Yuimmar

[No reply]

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